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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wake up your winter!

Citrine and lime--Well this sounds like a cool drink.

More thought on "All You Need Is Love"... in response to the David Cain article on the Beatles:

I believe David Cain's response to the song, "All You Need is Love" is more profound than most of the listeners during the Summer of Love.  

As others have noted, the Beatles raised an entire generation, and for the most part, it was a simplistic view of love that should be critiqued more rigorously than it has been by our mainstream culture.  I do "get" Cain's reflection on a loving response as a litmus test  (to avoid reactionary responses to others).  This is SO needed in our culture today, yet most of the time, speech is set up in the media now as combative rather than really listening in a spirit of love for others generlly--

Often, those promoting "Love is all you need"  are dedicated to antagonistic push of a tired "free love" ideology.   This was, after all, a pop song, and the simplistic embrace of the Beatles' lyrics as endorsing romantic love meant, above all, promoting love as sex.  

To read the effects of this free love ethic on our culture, you need outsider eyes; whereas, the popular song pronounces love as all you need.   

  Let's get real--the Beatles were popularly understood to mean sex, and a free love ethic has dominated mainstream thought ever since: freedom in sexual matters gets promoted nonstop in our mainstream.  Hopefully, the new young generation will take what's good from the Beatles but also see through sixties rhetoric.


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