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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brought to you by the color Blue

Blue woman wardrobe?  Intense color has a way of shaking out the dust.  Helps us see anew.

Modern experience: strange subliminal cues, mediated, hypertext, simultaneity, being instructed, coached, normed....

Is this hybrid approach our replacement for the engineering marvels of the past?  If the Erie canal had more locks and ascended more feet above sea level than either the Panama or the Suez, surely we "owned" the race to traverse time and space?  Later, we whipped Russia at the moon race to show our empire building knew no limits....  We can do anything, overcome any limit, right?

Overheard sentence: "Falling in love and having them turn into a zombie."  Yeah.   The usual order of things.  Ugh.  Superman carries Lois aloft on a magic-carpet sort of ride--Whee!  We are swept off our feet by human feats, and yet--have we really smarter than any humans past? Have we really outdistanced the wisdom of the ages?  Is history really the straight forward line of progress?  Does progress really require the trashing of what came before?

Maybe the real travel comes when we can see past our limited screens of self absorption, the peculiarity of experience, the rush of time yet sense of timelessness, our arrogant (and very real) sophistication, and our presumption of unlimited perfectibility....  Maybe we need to slow down to be fully part of the human race....


the philosopher's daughter

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