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Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Boys draw verbs," says Vicki Thorn, but "girls draw nouns."  Have you seen this as well?  Are there differences between us that the gender benders overlook?

Of course, there's the famous book called I Am A Verb, by Buckminister Fuller.  He offers many fasscinating speculations.  One I particularly like is the recognition of an unseen world of activities that are not penetrated by those detectors of concrete reality that we rely so heavily upon: the five senses.  Truth does not make itself fully known in so straight forward a fashion...but requires dialogue, reflection, wisdom of ages even.

At this point, it's probably useful to acknowledge the reality of differences that are not just a matter of social engineering (she wears pink; he blue) but say something about how we are created.   Are we constructing an alternate reality in the way it was rumored the backers of Biosphere 1 built their self-sustaining biomes to provide a safe esacpe from spaceship earth's increasingly competitive and harsh environment?

The point is just to raise the question: what kind of systems are we building with our views, visions, and verbs?    Within, everything looks coherent, but reliance on the outer world is not optional.


the philosopher's daughter!

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