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Friday, March 15, 2013

Creativity is not all fun and games--it's frustration and sweat and tears..  Even the most free spirited romp is not free but comes as the result of sacrifice of something else.  This is the whole concept of cost-benefit analysis; we choose one route only to close off other possibilities.   This is great when the goal is to combine forms in a new fluid art concept.  Freerunners embody that spirit of innovation and self expression.

"So many signs and directions telling us what to do and what not to do."  Our spirits rebell at modern life--can't even buy a big gulp in NY....


the philosopher's daughter

Creative highs are more humble than the rush- past- the- mental barrier high.  In more humble ways, we can delight in a spirit of playfulness.  From the art-etsyian perspective, a high can be found in creating a layered look that turns a plain t shirt something delightful...skylarkscarves@etsy

But what happens when that same outlook is applied ot human relationships? For the longest time, people assumed tradition was a good guide: marriage before sex, love before pregnancy.    In the era of the sixties, what was rejected in the name of the sexual revolution?  Free? love. People pursued that powerful expression of attraction almost as an art form, their bodies the crucible.

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